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Most appropriate use of this gif to date.

Beyonce. Beyonce.

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When at the Ritz
During this years Miami Art Week, the luxurious Ritz-Carlton, South Beach and Diana Lowenstein Arts Gallery are collaborating for an Art Basel limited installation suspended center stage above the hotel’s lobby. The monumental installation titled “Light and Paper” is the work of German sculptor Angela Glajcar and is intended to evoke an emotional reaction to the inanimate object.
While you’re there, between drinks and dinner, tour the $2 million dollar contemporary art collection of Latin American and European artists displayed throughout the Ritz, which are on loan from the private collection of Wynwood curator Diana Lowenstein. 








Girls at Afro Punk

Everyone at Afropunk is so fly doeee…

for the last anon

ole girl in the thirst photo slaying

This is how i picture me and my friends lookin at all times.


Tried to Bag the girl in the second photo, with the red top, a few months back. Wouldn’t give me her number and then stopped replying to my messages facebook. Randomly goes on and likes all my recent photos and then goes back to ignoring me

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